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Serving Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, Nocatee, St. Augustine & Surrounding North Florida Communities

We offer a variety of high quality, cost-effective water treatment chemicals. Below is a listing of normally stocked items. Other items not listed may be ordered, so please call for availability.

Part # Name
C21005 5# Chlorine Pellets
GL05N Poly Guard Liquid, 5 gallon
KF02N Pot Perm, 2 lb Bottle (priced per bottle)
KF55N Pot Perm, 55 lb Pail
KF65N Pot Perm, 5 lb Bottle (priced per bottle)
GP63N Poly Guard Crystal, 3 lb (priced per bottle)
RO12N Rust Out, 1.5 lb Bottle (priced per bottle)
RO50N Rust Out, 50 lb Pail
RO65N Rust Out, 5 lb Bottle (priced per bottle)
RU15N Ban T, 1.5 lb Bottle (priced per bottle)
RU45N Ban T, 45 lb Pail
RU64N Ban T, 4 lb Bottle (priced per bottle)
SP47N Neutra 7, 7 lb Bottle (priced per bottle) (not to be used with zeolite)
SM65N Softener Mate, 5 lb Bottle (priced per bottle)
ODOR-Z-WAY Odor-Z-Way Home (priced per can)
ODOR-Z-WAY PET Odor-Z-Way Pet (priced per can)

Odor-Z-Way Options

Water Quality Association
NSF Certified
Northeast Florida Builders Association