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Jacksonville FL All Florida Water Softener TeamAfter working many years in the water treatment industry, in 2005 Glenn Copp saw a need in his local community for treated water for the purpose of better living and established All Florida Soft Water of St. Johns. Since then, All Florida Soft Water has become North Florida’s most trusted water softener and filtration provider, dedicated to delivering quality products and services at a fair price to residents throughout North Florida.

When you research water softeners, water filtration, and purification systems you’ll learn there are truly dozens of options. Let Dave Copp and his experienced team provide a FREE WATER TEST and we’ll recommend the best products for your home or business. We always provide customized residential water softener and water purification solutions to St. Johns County and surrounding areas and look forward to the opportunity to make your water clearly better.

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From the first call to installation this was the best experience. We would have done this a long time ago if we knew how easy it was going to be! Michael Moon was professional, prompt and very knowledgeable. He answered all our questions and followed up quickly. I appreciated doing the initial... meeting over the phone as well to save time! Michael was able to get our whole house water softener and RO system scheduled the next day for us. Mike did the install and you can tell he’s very experienced and great at what he does.read more
Amanda H.
12:16 19 Oct 23
Installed Ionizer and owner never followed up with info he promised. Won’t return calls or messages. Cost us a lot of money without the right results.
Laura G.
11:25 15 Sep 23
Amazing company with great prices and customer service!! Mike did an expert job with the installation, and had to work through a few issues but made sure everything was put back. The sales rep Mike T was a pleasure to work with and stayed in contact the entire time, and made sure everything was... working correctly. Highly recommend All Florida Soft Water!!read more
Joseph A
16:23 13 Sep 23
Over the phone estimate with no hidden charges! Excellent installation!We installed a whole house water softener and an under sink reverse osmosis system today. So far the water tastes fine and we can already feel the difference in the water.Mike Moon did an excellent job answering questions... and showcasing their system's capabilities.Dustin installed the system, and explained every step to me prior to starting work. Dustin did an outstanding job! He took great care to return everything that was moved, buried the waterlines to my garage and avoided damaging the hedges.I was very impressed by the accurate sales quote, professionalism, and overall timeliness (initial call for quote to install completion time was 3 business days). I highly recommend All Florida Soft Water for their reasonable prices, professional employees, and quick installation!read more
Guy A
18:44 29 Aug 23
Very disappointed. Cable intalation was poorly made and was eventually damaged even when i notified them before the two yr period. I paid the service, but will never recommend them again.
Jorge B.
17:43 11 Aug 23
The team at All Florida Soft Water was amazing to work with from start to finish. We had them quote and install a new water softener/filtration, and reverse osmosis system, after consulting with multiple companies. From the jump, their sales rep Shane was very responsive, timely, and kept an open... line of communication with us throughout the process (even asked us to send a picture so they could match up the RO faucet to match our sink faucet exactly). The installer Robert did an expert job and explained the features of both systems to us so we could understand how to get the most out of our investment. So thankful we went with All Florida Soft Water and loving our new soft water throughout the house and RO drinking water (our oldest daughter’s immediate response after install was “the water tastes so clean and pure”). Many thanks to the team at AFSW.read more
Darrell W.
14:23 27 Jun 23
I highly recommend All Florida Soft Water. Dave was professional, responsive, flexible, and very pleasant to work with. He answered all my questions and was extremely knowledgeable in the products. The installation was quick and Chris did a great job! All around exceptional client service.
Connie F.
15:13 28 Feb 23
Water in Florida has so many issues. Kerry answered so many questions my husband and I had. Very knowledgeable and willing to travel to install a system in our new Volusia County home. Highly recommend this company.
Michelle E.
19:47 12 Feb 23
Shane was great with the initial analysis and was able to confirm the ability to install the water softener in the house vs outside. Paul came to complete the installation - on time, professional, and thorough in his work. Getting a water softener in a small space is not easy, but I am very pleased... with the due diligence to get it done. Thank you both!!!read more
J H.
20:59 07 Sep 22
Excellent service and good price.. Had chat with Shane for making the appointment and everything was really professional.Dalton who came for getting the system installed was very knowledgeable and was able to complete everything in a timely manner and neatly. I will recommend this company for sure.
Rahul K.
15:24 23 Aug 22
We just moved to NE Florida and were told to reach out to the team. From first phone call to install the team were friendly, informed and extremely nice to work with. No pressure sale, they let the work talk for itself. Would happily recommend to anyone considering them for your water softener
David P.
14:49 10 Aug 22
Shane Brewer offered expert professional advice and thoroughly checked my old system and made recommendations to meet my needs. He spoke “water stuff” in a way that I understood. Dalton installed my system in a timely and professional way and answered all questions. I would HIGHLY recommend this... company for my exterior water softening system. Don’t call a plumbing company. This company will install, provide an exterior sleeve to protect from elements, will service if needed. I wish I had called them first! Thank you!read more
Rachel W.
14:46 10 Aug 22
Friendly people ! Great softener Iv had it over 5 years never had an issue . Came and purchased salt everyone in the building was willing to help even brought it out to my car .
Shelby G.
15:38 22 Jul 22
We have just purchased a new water treatment system from your company, and we would like to give some well-deserved accolades. The reason for the praise is the sales & service we received is above and beyond a normal sale $ service calls.Jim was absolutely outstanding with the presentation for... the AO Smith Water Treatment. We explained to Jim the problem we are/were having, on our glassware we had a white cloudy film. Seemed like a hard water issue, with the water from the City of Jacksonville, you never know. We had a previous water treatment unit by Rainsoft, we did not know the history of the unit, we just knew it was time for a change. I am suspecting the membrane was needing to be replaced.We contacted the following water treatment sales teams, Costco (Eco Water), Lowes (AO Smith), and Home Depot (no one contacted us). The Eco water system showed that we had soft water being delivered to our taps. We were offered a system that was very expensive & the company would have charged us more to place it where we wanted the unit. Then along came Jim Brochu, he did the water test too & showed that we did indeed have soft water being delivered to our taps as well. However, we had a salty taste, even though I installed a new refrigerator filter for the Rainsoft system. The system Jim offered us was what we had in mind for our budget. The bid was cost effective for our family, and it would fit our needs. So, we purchased it not knowing if this would bring us water we could drink straight from our taps.We purchased the AO Smith System on the spot with Jim Brochu. He stated he did not know if this will help with the “Hard Water/Calcium stains” on our glassware. However, we knew this ahead of time, we have yest to test the system for this issue. Both Gina & I feel very confident this is a viable fix. We keep checking and report back to you with good results.Now onto Dalton and his service call with us. Dalton arrived on time; in fact, he was early. I showed Dalton where our Rainsoft system was and where we wanted to house the AO Smith System. He agreed we had a great spot for the new system. He un-pack the system and placed it where we had chosen to house it. Dalton got started and he also stated that we had a great for thought of placing a pipe for future use under our newly poured sidewalk and driveway. While Dalton was installing the unit, I took some time to read the owner’s manual. Before long Dalton had the new unit plumbed and the Rainsoft system removed from its housed area which was outside. We really like the professional installation and looks of the AO Smith System, nice and neat. Dalton also helped me disconnect our refrigerator water filter that was part of the Rainsoft system that was behind our refrigerator. Dalton explained as well as took the time demonstrate the system and the new valves to perform services on the system if needed. Dalton asked us to run the cold water for about 10 minutes to flush any debris if happens to be in the lines. He also stated we should run our hot water in the tub as well to flush the system. We did as he suggested and found no problems. Were extremely happy with Dalton’s professionalism, he has what it takes to have happy customers with All Florida Soft Water, Inc.We went about our normal life and came home and filled the holes from the old Rainsoft system with soil. With some other maintenance done in our yard I was finally ready for my shower with the new AO Smith Water Treatment. WOW, what a big difference, the water never felt like this. It was very refreshing and exhilarating, Both Gina and I are happy to have purchased an AO Smith Water Treatment from All Florida Soft Water, Inc.Mr. Cobb, I have to say that whatever you’re doing for the motivation of your employees please keep doing it. As we’ve never felt like writing to an owner of a company to praise their employees for a great & fabulous job done above and beyond the call of sales & Service.read more
Ronnie M.
15:37 26 Feb 22
Great company and great service. I always read reviews and people speak highly of All Florida - they were right. Super friendly, informative and great customer service. Ed Powles was great at providing all the info we needed and finding a solution for what works best and installation from Dalton... Shaffer was a breeze. Would highly recommend.read more
SJ Rivera - R.
13:54 06 Jan 22
They were professional, polite, and informative. From the person who came to give us an estimate to the person who installed our two systems and the office staff answering emails, everyone was efficient and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone thinking about installing a water softener and RO... system. We are very happy with the service they provided.read more
Ashley W.
14:18 23 Dec 21
I would recommend, without hesitation, All Florida Soft Water. The experience beginning with "Uncle" Mike Tortora, and finishing with our installer, Dalton was a pleasure. They are knowledgeable, personable, and professional. Dalton was right on time and wasted no time in getting to work and... even taking the time to explain some of his work to me. Great job All Florida!!read more
Helen M.
18:19 27 Oct 21
I had a softener system that is about 5 year old. Recently we did not feel the water is soft enough anymore during shower. Michael T from All Florida Soft Water came in and did some check and reset and confirmed it is running as expected. He suggested to use salt crystal instead of our current... pellets. We also have overflowing issue for the water coming out of the softener system due to recent rain. He suggested us to add an extended pipe so the water can be drained further to the backyard. Overall the experience is really good. I would highly recommend them.read more
Wendong L.
14:31 09 Oct 21
Great service and an even greater product! Overall I have to give them 5 starts!!!! I will recommend this to anyone who has city water running to their home! Thank you for everything, All Florida Soft Water!!!!
Richard R.
17:51 07 Sep 21
This is our second time using All Florida Soft Water and we couldn't be happier with both of our experiences. I highly recommend them! Their service is fast, professional, and the customer service is great.
P M.
17:12 17 Mar 21

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