Water Purification Systems

North Florida UV Water Purification & Disinfection

Serving Jacksonville, Nocatee, St. Augustine & Surrounding North Florida Communities

In north Florida, water softeners have consistently been used to help improve the overall quality of water for households and businesses. And over the last few years, awareness has grown to include ultraviolet water treatment systems. Technological advancements have given all of us the opportunity to have truly pure, clean water free of contaminants & and one product has emerged as the true market leader – Sterilight by WaterCare®.

Ultraviolet disinfection protects against Cryptosporidium and Giardia, harmful bacteria like E. Coli, viruses not visible to the naked eye, and does not change the taste, smell, pH level, or the general chemistry of water. Our Sterilight UV systems are compatible with all other water treatment equipment including reverse osmosis, filtration, water conditioning, and softening.

Sterilight UV water purification systems are very easy to maintain with only a periodic cleaning of sleeve and annual lamp replacement. UV systems operate with no moving parts to wear out, which makes UV 1 of the most effective and durable water treatment methods on the market. One of our most cost-effective ultraviolet systems – the Sterilight Cobalt™ series – provides pure, healthy drinking water for your home or business. The Sterilight Cobalt™ is designed and tested to ensure instant, high-quality drinking water right from your faucet.

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