Service Agreement

All Florida Soft Water – Service Agreement

Free Salt, Bi-Monthly and Annual Service, All Service Calls & Parts Included

Price: $195 – $245 per year depending on equipment. Receive an extra $100 off through April 1, 2020 by paying in full for a 5-year service agreement. By selecting a 5-year term you will pay either $650 or $843 (a cost savings of 23%), depending on your equipment.
50% discount on Carbon Rebed every 5 Years over the term of the agreement.
There will be no charge for service calls or parts over the term of the agreement.

Bi-Monthly Service

  • Check for correct time of day
  • Check for correct regeneration time
  • Check salt level in tank
  • Add salt as needed
  • Check for bridging
  • Check for leaks

Annual Service

  • Total calibration of system
  • Testing of influent and effluent water
  • Complete check of brine system
  • Verification of valve settings
  • Full function test – all operating cycles
  • Check bypass and valves

Water Quality Association
NSF Certified
Northeast Florida Builders Association