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Sterilight Ultraviolet UV Disinfection – Sterilight Platinum Series™

Sterilight UV Water Purification Systems in Jacksonville Florida

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Sterilight Platinum Series UV Water Purification System

Sterilight Platinum Series™
UV Water Purification System

UV water purification systems in Jacksonville and surrounding North Florida communities have become very popular. Technological advancements have given all of us the opportunity to have truly pure, clean water free of contaminants – and one product has emerged as the true market leader – Sterlight by WaterCare®. Eliminating harmful contaminants (including bacteria, virus, algae, mold, cryptosporidium and giardia) is easy with Sterilight’s Platinum UV system. Implementing ultraviolet light in a stainless steel chamber to increase efficiency, these systems ensure effective removal of any contaminants in the water using the most effective method – UV disinfection.

  • Sterilume™-HO lamps provide consistent and reliable ultraviolet output for the life of the lamp (9000 hours)
  • The Flow-Pace™ UV Sensor reduces power consumption and operating costs, as well as heat transfer into the water
  • Built with a durable stainless steel chamber to prolong life and ensure ultraviolet light effectiveness
  • The Sterilight Platinum power supply displays remaining days until lamp replacement, total running time of controller and UV intensity output in percentage
  • Axial Flow reactors include a patented axial flow system installed at the inlet – ensuring water confidence each and every time