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Water softeners are vital to Jacksonville homeowners with well water, and many families throughout Jacksonville get water from a private well. If you’re one of them, that means you’re accessing groundwater in the aquifer and pumping it into your home.

Water quality isn’t just a regional issue either. The bedrock around your well may be different or the water traveled through a different path to get to your well. Since water erodes everything it touches, groundwater quality is constantly changing over time due to its environment.

“You don’t realize how clean you can get until you shower after getting a water softener!”
Richard N., well water homeowner in Jacksonville

Common Water Problems with Well Water

Common water problems many homeowners experience with well water are high levels of hardness, iron contamination, sulfur, high acidic levels, and other naturally occurring elements like arsenic and nitrates. Your signs of hard water could be quite different from your neighbor’s water down the road. Often times you’re not just dealing with one of these issues, but multiple (or even all) of them at the same time.

Treating residential well water correctly is not something that every Jacksonville water softener company can do, you’ll need to rely on a local expert to help diagnose your water problems and recommend ways to fix them. However, it’s important to know that there are some very unique solutions for well water.

All Florida Soft Water provides Jacksonville homeowners with a special filtration media that is perfect for homes with wells.

It’s a man-made zeolite known as Crystal-RightTM, and its ability to address multiple common concerns with well water at the same time makes it without a doubt the best water filtration media for Jacksonville homes with well water.

What is Crystal-Right and What Does it Do?

Crystal-Right was actually the first ion exchange media to be used in modern water treatment, but as more people moved into urban areas,  the focus shifted to treating city water because it was easier.

This synthetic zeolite is produced outdoors in very specific conditions underneath sunny skies at our Mineral-Right® facility in Kansas. It’s the perfect water treatment media for well water for three important reasons.

Crystal-Right has the ability to:

  1. Remove iron and manganese from well water
  2. Soften water (reducing the hardness minerals calcium and magnesium)
  3. Balance/neutralize pH levels of acidic water

If you’ve been living with well water for a while, problems such as rusty orange stains from high iron, scale build in your kitchen and bathroom, and corrosion from acidic, low pH water are likely familiar to you.

In some situations, a home may need three different pieces of water treatment equipment to address each of those issues: A water softener to reduce hardness, an iron filter, and an acid neutralizer. But, under the right circumstances, Crystal-Right has the potential to fix all three of those problems, doing the job of three water treatment solutions in a single system!

All Florida Soft Water provides the best softeners, water filtration, and reverse-osmosis systems in Jacksonville. Give us a call at 904-287-0003 or send a message through our Contact Form today!

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