Hard Water Can Affect The Way You Look and Feel – Top Water Softeners For Florida Hard Water [Video]

Most of us have heard of water softeners and how they fix hard water, but do you really know the effects of hard water in Jacksonville? If you don’t have a water softener the chances are great that you’re experiencing many of these effects of hard water on a daily basis.

Hard water in Jacksonville can affect the way you look and feel! Do you have frizzy hair and itchy skin? No suds in the bubble bath or in the shower? Dissolved minerals in hard water could be the culprit. When minerals combine with soap it makes soap scum which is very hard to rinse off. This soap scum dries your hair and skin causing frizzy hair, itchy skin, and clogs pores which creates pimples.

With soft water soap lathers well and rinses away clean, leaving your hair and skin silky smooth and clean.

If you think you may have hard water, give All Florida Soft Water a call today!

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