Top 5 Signs You Have Hard Water [Video]

Top 5 Signs You Have Hard Water – Jacksonville’s Best Water Softener Company


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Nearly 90% of US homes have hard water. Whether you have well or city water, dissolved minerals in hard water will wreak havoc in your home.

Here are the top five signs you have hard water:

  1. Soap Scum: Dissolved minerals and soap combine to leave a nasty film on surfaces, dishes, and fabrics, making cleaning your home more of a chore than it should be.
  2. No Suds: Hard water makes it difficult to get a good lather while soap won’t rise away.
  3. Soap scum sticks to fabric too, making them stiff and scratchy and fading colors.
  4. Clogged Pipes: With hard water, mineral deposits build up inside your plumbing, like plaque in an artery.
  5. Appliance Issues: Mineral buildup in plumbing also affects your appliances, reducing their efficiency and effectiveness.

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