Top 4 Reasons To Update Your Water Treatment Equipment

Update Your Home’s Water Softener & Treatment Technology

When you purchase a water softener or treatment system for your North Florida home, you immediately begin to enjoy the benefits of clean and clear mineral-free water. These systems really are quite amazing – just continue to add salt and the system takes care of itself, right? The trouble is, how do you know if your water treatment equipment is still working properly?

New Water Softener Technology

High quality systems could last a decade, but should you wait that long? Most of us purchase a new car before it breaks down, and we usually don’t keep our smartphones more than a couple years before we replace them. That’s usually because we want to take advantage of new technology, better features, and advancements that increase efficiency. The same is true for water softeners and water treatment equipment. Here are the top 4 reasons you should consider upgrading your home’s water treatment equipment.

1. Save Water and Salt with a High Efficiency Water Softener

Today’s appliances are highly touted as “High Efficiency” which means they use less water and energy. These appliances require highly efficient water which is one reason water softeners have become more important than ever. Appliances that use water operate better and and last longer with soft water.

Water softeners have also become more efficient. Our WaterCare® systems can be equipped with what we call Water Efficient Technology (W.E.T.) which goes beyond the benefits of our already highly efficient water softeners. With W.E.T., the softener learns your home’s water usage and adjusts cycle times, ensuring that only the proper amount of salt and water that is absolutely necessary is used during regeneration.

This technology helps you lower your utility bills and increase sustainability.

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2. Water Softener Wireless Notifications

Our water softeners are included in the exciting trend of smart appliances. Water-Right’s Wripli™ technology wirelessly relays information from select WaterCare models to your mobile device and can also send this information to the local expert you rely on to service your system. The smartphone app can be set to provide mobile alerts, letting you know when you need to refill water softener salt while providing system status and service reminders. You can even monitor how much water is running through your home in real-time, or turn on “Vacation Mode” from anywhere! Other benefits include:

  • See how much water is running through your home in real-time
  • View the total number of gallons your home used today
  • Track the remaining amount of water your system can treat before regenerating
  • Monitor your water usage history since the installation of your system

3. Stay Ahead of Changes in Water Quality

Every home’s water quality is different and requires customized solutions to achieve desired results. The water treatment system installed years ago may not protect you from what’s in your water today. That’s why it’s important to have your water tested on a yearly basis – especially if your home uses well water.

Our professionals can evaluate your home’s water quality and help you choose the right solutions for your water. We also have access to the most effective and exclusive filtration medias for well water applications.

4. Contamination Concerns

Municipal water quality has not frequently been a topic of discussion through the years but there is a growing awareness about how in-home treatment can solve problems and give families peace of mind. The crisis in Flint, Michigan and concerns of lead in drinking water due to aging city infrastructure, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, mircroplastics, and even agricultural runoff are now being discussed with some of our experts.

The good news is our team can talk through these issues with you and point you towards solutions that ease your concerns. In many cases a reverse osmosis drinking water system will reduce or remove the majority of harmful contaminants, however the majority of our customers choose whole house systems installed.

Does Your Jacksonville Water Softener or Water Treatment System Need an Upgrade?

If you’re uncertain about how old your water softener is or whether it’s still effective, or if you recently moved into a new home and want to learn more about your water quality, please give us a call at 904-287-0003 or send a message through our Contact Form and one of our experts will get in touch with you soon.

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