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Water Softener Maintenance in Jacksonville & Nocatee

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Installing a water softener in your home will immediately help to take care of issues like stubborn water stains on dishes and scaling in your shower. You’ve addressed these problems, provided your family with better water quality, you are saving money with your appliances, so how do we ensure your water softener continues to perform well over time without issues?

As with any mechanical equipment, it’s important to preform regular maintenance on your water softener to keep it running properly for years to come. Just like you would routinely change the oil in your car, or annually service your home’s HVAC to make sure it is heating and cooling efficiently – the same concept applies to your new water softener.

All Florida Soft Water offers a Service Agreement which helps protect your investment and ensures your home’s water quality stays up to par.

water softener preventive maintenance in jacksonville and nocatee

Even if your water softener or filtration system is relatively new, regular maintenance is highly beneficial for the longevity of your machine. Simple changes like a power outage or daylight savings time can alter the regeneration process on your unit and affect its output. Indirect issues can also play a role in your water softener’s lifespan. If other water-related equipment in your home isn’t working properly, such as your well pump or water heater, it can pose a risk to your water softener or filtration system.

If your home operates on a private well, the performance of a water softener relies on a healthy well system. If a well system’s pressure tank isn’t working properly it could mean the water softener isn’t getting enough water to function properly. When left undetected, both the softener and the pressure tank might need to be repaired or replaced. With regular maintenance and checkups, a preventive plan can help find these issues early, saving the homeowner unexpected expenses and the headache that comes along with it.

Water softeners work on autopilot in the background and once it’s installed, they’re often forgotten about – until there is an issue. Out of sight, out of mind. Unfortunately, the cost of repairs after you discover a problem is often significantly higher than the cost of a preventive maintenance plan. Plus, there is never a good time to receive a large, unexpected bill for major appliance repairs.

Water Softener Service Agreement by All Florida Soft Water

Free Salt, Bi-Monthly and Annual Service, All Service Calls & Parts Included

Bi-Monthly Service

  • Check for correct time of day
  • Check for correct regeneration time
  • Check salt level in tank
  • Add salt as needed
  • Check for bridging
  • Check for leaks

Annual Service

  • Total calibration of system
  • Testing of influent and effluent water
  • Complete check of brine system
  • Verification of valve settings
  • Full function test – all operating cycles
  • Check bypass and valves

Peace of Mind, Healthy Water, and Free Salt!

The greatest benefit of having a water treatment professional regularly check on your equipment is the peace of mind that everything is programmed correctly and running properly, and that your family will continue to enjoy all the benefits that come with quality water.  Don’t wait to schedule a service call! Little issues, like lower water pressure, or if your water softener has started regenerating at different times throughout the day, might not seem like a big deal at the time but could mean lower quality water and more costly issues down the road.

Preventive maintenance is the best wat to protect the investment you’ve made in providing the best water for your family and your home. Visit our Service Agreement page to learn more and get started today!

Service Agreement

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