Five Reasons a Drinking Water Filtration System is Better Than Bottled Water

The Best Water Filtration Systems in North Florida

Five Reasons a Drinking Water Filtration System is Better Than Bottled Water

The best drinking water is fresh, crisp water that has no smell and doesn’t leave an aftertaste. Although many brands of bottled water can provide the clean taste that people want, drinking water filtration systems from All Florida Soft Water can provide that same high quality water right in your home!

Bottled water sales continue to increase, despite the fact that several bottled water brands are just filtered tap water. Jacksonville and North Florida homeowners can enjoy that same perfectly clean, crisp, zero aftertaste water directly in their home with a drinking water system from locally-owned favorite All Florida Soft Water.
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1. Better For Your Monthly Budget

Tap water in homes throughout the country doesn’t have an appealing taste for several reasons, all of which are able to be resolved with the right drinking water system. Most of us don’t enjoy spending money on bottled water and then carrying those bottles to our kitchen, but we know the value and benefits of drinking water for our health.
When you invest in a drinking water filtration system in Jacksonville, instead of spending money on bottled water each month you’ll have the same, great-tasting water right out of your own faucet. With scheduled maintenance, the customized water filtration systems from All Florida Soft Water can last more than 10 years – imagine the savings of not purchasing bottled water for a decade!

2. On-Demand Endless Supply Of Amazing Drinking Water

Whether you prefer to purchase a case of bottled water, 5 gallon jug, or individual bottles, your supply is limited to your purchase. But adding a drinking water filtration system to your home provides your home with an endless supply of that perfectly crisp flavor you know and love. Not only is it an endless supply but it’s also available in whatever quantity you need, whenever you and your family and guests want it! You’ll never be out of water again 😊
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3. Water Quality You Can Trust

Home water filtration systems provide safe, clean water by filtering out or removing contaminants, debris, and some are even certified to remove harmful water contaminants, like arsenic, that can be found in tap water of many North Florida homes as well as throughout the country.
A 2018 study conducted by a non-profit environmental consultant reported that the “FDA regulates bottled water as a food and cannot, by law, require laboratory testing or reporting of test results, even if violations of prescribed standards are found. Despite these findings, no changes have been made to FDA standards for bottled water and there have been some brands which have had to recall their products because of a contamination issue. Adding a drinking water filtration system such as a reverse osmosis system to your home ensures your water will be tested, and you’ll be 100% sure of the water quality you provide to your family, friends, and loved ones.

4. Environmentally Friendly

It’s no secret that consumer plastics have an extremely negative impact our environment. Unfortunately, most plastic water bottles end up in the trash instead of being recycled. Conversely, water from the tap can be consumed with a reusable container that doesn’t need to be tossed or recycled.
Your initial purchase of a drinking water filter will last for years while producing countless gallons of amazing water each year. These systems do require filter cartridge replacements either once or twice per year depending on your water quality to ensure water quality, but this is still significantly less than the impact of bottled water on our environment.
Along with adding more consumer plastics to our disposed waste, the carbon footprint from bottled water should be a major consideration when choosing to purchase bottled water. Tap water does not have the additional carbon footprint of bottled water, making it a more sustainable choice that is environmentally friendly. Manufacturing plastic bottles requires energy, in addition to all of the energy required to dispense the water into those bottles, packaging, delivery to stores, your trip to the store and purchase it (or have it delivered), and for the discarded bottles to break down. All of this impacts our environment.

5. Customized For Your Home

Each home has different water filtration needs depending on their water source and the quality of water in their area. Regardless of whether your home’s water comes from a private well or from your municipality, some common drinking water filtration systems include reverse osmosis systems and carbon water filtration. These are two types of the many water filtration options that can be installed in your home.

Let our professional team come to your home, provide a free water test, and answer all of your questions about your home’s water quality and which system would be best for you.

Take the first step to an endless supply of quality drinking water – contact us today!
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