How Do You Know When To Add Salt To Your Water Softener?

When Should You Add Salt To Your Water Softener?

Most of us have opened the lid to the brine tank for our water softener and found it nearly empty or completely empty of salt. When this happens, the softener is unable to effectively remove hard minerals and give your home that amazing water that you’ve all come to enjoy. What happens when you forget to add water softener salt? And, how are you supposed to remember when it’s time refill your brine tank?


Between work, daily obligations, and household chores, getting to the store to purchase a big bag of salt for your water softener can easily slip your mind. Before you know it a couple months have passed, and you haven’t had a thought about your water softener. It may not be obvious at first, but after a while you will definitely notice a difference in your water quality.

Without enough salt to form a brine solution and recharge the water softening media, your system gets less and less effective. When there’s no salt left at all, your system will be attempting to recharge the media with raw water instead. This has no effect on the media, so hardness minerals will start creeping back into the water you’re using throughout your home.

Is Something Wrong With Our Water Softener?

If you notice common hard water problems, such as soap scum on your bathroom tiles, dishes that don’t get clean, or problems getting a good lather in the shower, you may have found yourself wondering if something is wrong with your water softener. Rest assured, if you’ve got one of our CareSoft water softeners, you’ve most likely just forgotten to refill your brine tank with salt.

You don’t want to wait until hard water starts wreaking havoc in your home before remembering to add salt to your system. Ideally, you’d know exactly when it was time for a salt refill. Unfortunately there’s no universal schedule for replenishing a water softener’s salt supply. Here are a few factors that affect how often you need to add salt to your water softener:

  • Hardness levels of the water in your home
  • Water usage in your household
  • The type of water softener you own
  • The age of your water softener
  • The size of your brine tank

So How Often Should I Add Salt To My Water Softener?

In general, we recommend adding a bag of salt every month. At the first of each month check your brine tank and you’ll be able to monitor your salt usage and adjust as needed. Remember, if you live in Northeast Florida the friendly team at All Florida Soft Water will be happy to deliver 50 pound bags of salt for only $11 per bag. Visit our Water Softener Salt Delivery page to learn more or request information.

Salt Delivery Service

Request InfoAll Florida Soft Water can deliver your salt on a regularly scheduled basis. We started this service in 2019 and hundreds of our customers don’t ever have to worry about their salt level or carry those heavy bags anymore. We deliver 50 pound bags of high-quality solar salt for only $11 per bag!

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