Best Reverse Osmosis Systems for Jacksonville

Benefits of RO Water

We’ve finally learned our lesson in America. A 2016 Beverage Marketing study found water consumption in the U.S. grew 120 percent between 2000 and 2015, while carbonated drinks fell 16 percent over the same time period, and we’ve been selling a lot more reverse osmosis systems in Jacksonville than ever before.

Drinking more water is a smart and healthy decision! But, you still have a lot of choices when it comes to what kind of water you drink. Bottled? Distilled? Natural spring water? Tap water? Reverse osmosis drinking water systems provide you with clean, refreshing water right in your home. Here are some reasons why it’s the best option for you.

Reverse Osmosis Systems Remove Contaminants

Contaminated water and its negative effects on health have been making a lot of headlines lately. The water crisis in Flint, Michigan involving lead prompted increased scrutiny of public water around the country.

Jacksonville is known for having extremely hard water. Even homes with water softeners can benefit from installing RO water systems to drastically reduce and/or remove unwanted contaminants. RO systems have special membranes which filter out the vast majority of microscopic organisms and heavy metals. Learn more about how reverse osmosis systems work.

For example, our reverse osmosis systems are tested and certified for the reduction of lead, arsenic, copper, nitrates and nitrites (hexavalent & trivalent), chromium, selenium, fluoride, radium, barium, cyst (cryptosporidium), total dissolved solids (TDS).

If pure water is what you want, a reverse osmosis drinking system is what you need!

Reverse Osmosis Reduces Sodium from Soft Water

Our Jacksonville water softeners are specifically designed to remove hard minerals from the water. Water softeners solve a lot of hard water problems, but they are not meant to for purification. The water softener in your home gives you water that’s excellent for cleaning, bathing, and laundry. However, not everyone enjoys the taste of softened water.

Remember, in the ion exchange process your water softener uses, hard minerals are replaced with sodium molecules. You could still have a high level of total dissolved solids, which will impact the taste. Reverse osmosis filters out the sodium that your water softener adds. A reverse osmosis drinking water system partnered with a water softener allows you to enjoy the benefits of both soft water and purified drinking water. Plus, R.O. systems are more efficient when they start with soft water.

Money Savings – You’ll Stop Buying Bottled Water!

If you’re like most Jacksonville residents, you are probably buying bottled water all the time. In the U.S., one study found we spent more than $15 billion on bottled water in 2015. A reverse osmosis system will pay for itself in no time because you’ll only be paying pennies per gallon. Plus, whenever you need clean drinking water, it’s right there at the tap.

It’s Better for Cooking

The impurities in your home’s water are going to affect the taste of the food you make. The water you cook with often ends up in your food. When you boil pasta, make soups, or bake homemade bread, pure water can make a big difference. You’ll also find that coffee and tea taste better with reverse osmosis water. even points out the fact that many of the best restaurants now exclusively use R.O. water for cooking. But perhaps the best reason to have reverse osmosis drinking water in your home is how great the water tastes! When you remove all those impurities, you’re left with nothing but clean, refreshing water!

Jason Fitzpatrick, a writer for, was fed up with his city water and ended up being pleasantly surprised with the results of an R.O.

After years of tap water, I’d finally had enough of drinking water that tasted like it had been skimmed from the pool of the local YMCA. Between the chemical taste and concerns over lead and other contaminants, installing an under-sink filter became the most economical option to ensure my family was drinking pure water.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Reverse Osmosis Systems in Jacksonville?

Skeptics of reverse osmosis systems state the primary disadvantage of reverse osmosis systems is that they filter out minerals, which they assume are valuable to their health. In reality, you probably get most of the minerals your body needs from the food you eat. Most multivitamins also supplement our mineral intake. Even more important, however, the dissolved minerals found in drinking water are organic, which means your body has a difficult time absorbing them. This negates any potential health benefits.

For those who are concerned about losing out on mineral intake, you can always look for mineral supplements. Some people will put a pinch of sea salt in their reverse osmosis water. The bottom line is that the impressive benefits of reverse osmosis water far outweigh any minor objections.

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